2017 Games Update

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully the New Year has been good to you so far.

As you all know, The Arizona Police and Fire Games goal is to bring you the best facilities and sports experience as we can. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any sporting events for 2017. Please be assured we did not come to this decision easily. There are a number of reasons for this decision but one of the major reasons we decided to cancel the games this year was due to a decline in our number of participants for the last couple of years. This coupled with the protests throughout the country causing leave restrictions on departments throughout the United States made it necessary to cancel the games. We feel it’s not fair for participants/teams to travel to the games only to find teams have dropped out due to an inability to get enough players. Again, this was not an easy decision for the board.

Please be assured that we will start planning for the 2018 Arizona Police and Fire Games in the near future in the hopes that we can get participation to increase. We thank you for your understanding and support. We hope see everyone next year. If you or anyone you know want to be part of organizing the games please get in touch with us. Thanks.

Be Safe Out There. Watch Your Six.

Lt. D. Fernandez
APAF President