Hello Everyone and Belated Happy New Year,

I want to take this opportunity to Thank everyone for their support of the Arizona Police and Fire Games.  Many of you have been asking if there will be games for 2018.  The short answer is Unfortunately, No.

2017 was a crazy year for me and my wife. After 27 years of Law Enforcement we both pulled the trigger and Retired. The past 7 months have been spent building our Real Estate business, leaving no time to plan for the 2018 games.

It has been very revealing that the interest in the games is still there.  As you can imagine the production of any event of this magnitude takes a long time and a lot of effort.  Its my philosophy that I would rather cancel the games than offer ones that were just thrown together at the last minute.

So, here is your chance to be part of the resurrection of The Arizona Police and Fire Games. We need people who are willing to get involved with the production of the games. Everyone has suggestions, which are always welcomed, but if we don’t have anyone to act on them then they will just remain “suggestions”.   Now, more than ever, we need boots on the ground (especially active LE personnel).  As a retiree, I will need help getting the word out to active LE personnel.

If you are interested, willing and able in assisting/coordinating an event, please contact me. I can advise what is involved. If we get enough assistance, then we can start planning for the 2019 Arizona Police and Fire Games (Tucson). Planning usually starts in June (reserving fields/courts/facilities).

So, please consider being part of The Arizona Police and Fire Games Event Staff. I look forward to hearing from you. As always, Stay Safe Out There…

D. Fernandez – Retired Lieutenant, TPD